About me

What to tell about me.. Just before I turned 29 I figured it’s now or never. I quit my job, booked a one way ticket and went all the way down under. Best decision ever! Since then I visited Romania, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and south east Asia. The 18th of January 2017 I came back home. Back to reality, back to work. And now enjoying all the short holidays working life allows you to have :).

I keep this blog as a kind of a diary of all the wonderfull travels I did. And why not share it with the world! Maybe not the most handy travel blog to get some tips from, but who knows it helps somebody somehow anyway. And if not, then it’s just for me so I won’t forget all the amazing things I’ve done and seen.

It’s about 10 year ago since I wrote my first blog about my internship in Brazil. In Dutch though, cause.. I’m Dutch. In the last 10 years I’ve done a lot of trips to mostly Asia, South America and Europe. You can read all about them on this website. Okay, if you’re not Dutch maybe not all, but well. Enjoy!


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