About me


Hi! I’m Paulien, born and raised in the country ‘where they have more words for bad weather than Eskimos have words.. period.’ Spot on description from Survival Guide to the Dutch. Indeed, the Netherlands.

My first blog was about my very first real traveling experience, my internship in Brasil in 2007. In Dutch though, cause.. as you know now, I’m Dutch. Since then I’ve done a lot of trips to mostly Asia, South America and Europe. In 2016 I quit my job and decided that is was time for more fun in my life. Definitely the best decision ever. I spent most of my time in New Zealand, Tassie, the east coast of Australia, the outback and South east Asia. You can read all about it on this website. Okay, if you’re not Dutch maybe not all, but well. Enjoy!

Since I just love the video I just referred to, here you go:

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