New Zealand – The Movie!

That feeling you get when Facebook reminds you time after time of your memories of 1 year go.. A little more than a week ago that was my birthday post of last year, when I got my best birthday present ever: a visit of 2 cute turtles when we were snorkeling at Fitzroy Island in Queensland Australia 🙂

All the memories of my world trip last year came back so vivid, that I quickly ran back to my computer and start looking back at all the photos and movies I shot. One in particular, my New Zealand adventure. It was almost ready, I still had to do some minor adjustments. So now I did!

New Zealand: 38 days, 21 cities, 18 beds, tons of great people and an uncountable amount of breathtaking views. Watch it and enjoy! 

One thought on “New Zealand – The Movie!

  1. Dankje! Haha, ik denk dat ik wel beeldmateriaal heb voor een week-durende film! Ik wilde toch het liefst zoveel mogelijk laten zien in een nog enigszins beknopt filmpje 🙂


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