Cheesy Delft (& a bit of Leiden)

Why do I actually only write when I’m on holidays traveling? I just took the photos of my camera after a short trip to France and came across random other photos earlier this year. There are so many great things here in the Netherlands to see as well! I’m noticing it more and more since I’m showing the newbe Dutchie Romain around. With Easter in April, we decided to be tourists again after a year of traveling around the world. But this time a bit closer to home. Just a bit ;). We spent the weekend in Leiden & Delft. Both beautiful little towns with cute little canals, pitoresque bridges, market squares with most often a church surrounded by terraces and of course the Dutch small high houses. Time to write some more again I suppose for my 10 subscribers hehe ;). I still didn’t upload all the blogs of Laos & Thailand (& France) I just realised, so even more to come.. randomly.

Apparently planning a bit more in advance is handy with national holidays, since every bed & breakfast was already booked on Friday for Saturday and Sunday. That’s how far I plan ahead usually :). Luckily there was still a nice room available in Delft for the Sunday night. A hostel with rooms all designed in 70s style, but with different themes like Jungle and Hot Pink. This last one was ours.

Spending the afternoon in Leiden
Since we could only book 1 night, we went on an afternoon-trip to Leiden first. Only a 10-minute train ride from The Hague. We walked from the station to the Pieterskerk and the Botanical Gardens along the canals and shops. Food was our first concern. After a nice lunch at Café Barrera, we just walked around some more, did some shopping and we couldn’t resist to buy some tasty oils and vinegar at – let’s do a guess – Oil & Vinegar. I only took 3 photos. I don’t know why, but it kind of feels weird in your own country!

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Cheesy Delft
On the other side of The Hague, there is Delft. I’ve been to both Leiden and Delft before, but that was when I was a student and I visited friends to go party. This time was different. I felt like a real tourist walking to our new home for tonight, the Soul Inn Bed & Breakfast in our hot Pink room*. No understatement there: everything was pink with a pin-up girl on the wall, very classy 😉 I loved it. The weather was still good (or good again I must say), so we went out and walked around. Again alongside the canals and we came across a really nice little lunchroom. It almost looked like an antique store! Turned out all the vintage stuff that was on the floor, on the walls and the ceiling were for sale. Pretty cool concept! The name of the place is “Koffie & Zo”. We had a big cappuccino with an even bigger piece of cake. Perfect base for continuing the walk. Passing by the market I definitely felt like a real tourist when we saw a plastic cow with a lot of yellow round cheeses and we started to make pictures with it haha. Entering the shop the sales boys and girls were even wearing the traditional Dutch clothes. Pretty hilarious. We tasted all the cheeses, very tasty. I ended up buying a little wooden clog as a key chain haha. Still proud of it. Romain didn’t even want one ;).

We walked further around to see all the little shops that sell Delfs Blauw, the little canals with bridges and other touristy stuff. When we were heading back we heard some music coming out of a random café. We had a few beers and enjoyed the cover band. I never heard a crowd sing along that loud on a Sunday afternoon!

The next morning it was raining constantly, so the fun was over. We packed our stuff and went back home. No long 12-hour bus trip. Just 12 minutes :).

* Unfortunately, I saw that the bed & breakfast is closed permanently. Too bad, a big loss if you ask me!

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