The other side of Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng, known for it’s wild nightlife with happy shakes, happy pancakes and even happy pizza’s. You can actually already start during the day by tubing the Nam Song River and have some drinks along the way. We didn’t do any of that. Or well, we did the tubing, but then when a fruit shake in our hands 🙂 Since we were having one or more drinks almost every night since we’re traveling (jep, almost a year already), we agreed to not have any alcohol till Christmas. That was only for a little more than 2 weeks, but I can tell you that’s pretty hard with the warm weather, the new people you meet every day and just because of the habit. Instead we were enjoying our normal pizza making fun of all the drunk people around us 🙂

A new sleeping experience
15978273_10154954763235152_1996025413_nAfter quite a long bus ride from Thakek to Vang Vieng, we arrived about 10 pm. Let’s first find a room and then have something to eat. We were starving. Turned out there was a music festival going on and after asking a couple of guesthouses and hostels for a room we found out there was not a single bed available anymore in the city. Even at the more expensive hotels. Meanwhile it was 11.30 pm and we passed a woman in front of a guesthouse with a massage salon. “You want bed?” Oh yes, please! The guesthouse was full, but we could sleep on the mattresses she uses for the massages. I was sold without even checking the beds. We paid of course way too much for a bed like that, but okay.. I was really glad we didn’t had to sleep on the street that night! And the beds were even more comfortable than many beds I’ve slept on in real hostels. Score! It would’ve been even better if we would’ve had a massage in the morning, but the lady was nowhere to be found 😉

Playing tourists 😉
The next couple of days we stayed in a nice bungalow and went to see the different touristic spots. Blue Lagoons, a beautiful sunset from the top of a mountain, butterflies at the waterfall, the Nam Song River (with our fruit shakes!) and so on. Just relaxing, really nice. And since we were getting the Christmas spirit already through all the photos from back home, we bought our own Christmas hats and wore it every day!


It was bound to happen…
I didn’t feel like having an Asian meal again so we went to Amigo’s, a Mexican restaurant. Good reviews, a nice atmosphere and it was pretty crowded. Good choice! The drinks were  way too sweet (as expected though) and didn’t taste anything like an iced coffee or tea. But okay, the enchilada looked good. A bit dry because of the beans they used and unfortunately no guacamole and sour cream, instead some sweet yoghurt. But I still enjoyed it. That was until we came back to the bungalow and I lay down. I felt sick. Completely nauseous. That night was the most horrible night ever. I’ll spare you the details, but I was glad the the toilet and shower were one so to say. Bye Vang Vieng! Hopefully Luang Prabang will treat me better during Christmas!

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