Thakek loop

20161213_160042From one loop to another. A bit further north of Pakse you’ll find Thakek. A little city next to the Mekong river with a view of Thailand on the other side of it. After another – quite annoying – bargaining about the tuktuk prices, we got close to the real (tourist) price and we were dropped at our guesthouse. A comfy room with a not so comfy bed. But well, just for one night since we were starting the loop the next morning. Where it’s all about waterfalls on the Pakse loop, around Thakek it’s all about the caves. We got another map and off we went.
I’m not a big fan of caves – neither is Romain – so I didn’t mind we ended up skipping a lot of them. Either because of water blocking our path, unclear signing or outrageous pricing. Just driving through the beautiful nature was already worth the trip!

Nam Theun 2 River
Following the Nam Theun 2 River up north, the views became even more spectacular. What was once a rich flowing river na, now is water with dead trees sticking out because of a big dam they built. Since weirdly I’ve got a thing for dead trees since my stay in New Zealand and Australia, I thought it was beautiful. But I know the local population has suffered because of it and the power it supplies goes mainly to Thailand.
That night we stayed in Sabaidee Guesthouse were we met a couple of other travellers during the BBQ at night. So the next day we continued the trip with them. The UK, US, Belgium, Germany, France and The Netherlands combined 🙂 After  a cloudy sunrise we went to the cool spring and were glad we had our GPS/Maps Me on the phone, cause none of the roads really looked like roads you could actually take with the scooter. But is was absolutely the most scenic route!

Konglor Cave
Just before sunset we arrived in Konglor. Had a nice dinner and went to bed early. Time to visit the famous Konglor Cave! A huge cave where you go in with a long tail boat, good flashlights and a guide. 20 minutes one way, that’s how big the cave is, very impressive!

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