Champasak & Vat Phou

Since we’ve still got a month in Laos, we’re slowly making our way up to the north. Different people told us that you can do a couple of loops in Laos, amongst which the Pakse loop. So that’ll be our next destination.

Champasak & Vat Phou
Apparently Miss Noy was the place to go to rent a scooter. We went there straight away and reserved a scooter for the next day. At 6 pm there was an information meeting where .. would explain all you need to know about the Pakse loop: which way to do the loop, how many days is the best, places to sleep, tiny villages worth visiting and so on. Ready for the trip! Only a scooter.. Since you don’t have to say beforehand how many days you are taking the scooter, he doesn’t know how many there will be available. Too bad there was not a scooter for the next day to take for multiple days. So he ‘borrowed’ a scooter of another company so we could visit Champasak and Vat Phou the next day before doing the big loop.

Definitely not regret that, Vat Phou – which is even older than Angkor Wat! – is pretty impressive. Maybe not the ruins itself that much, but the whole surroundings. The way up and the view from the top is sure worth the trip. Really nice!

After Vat Phou we took the little scooter ferry to the other side of the river and went south to see another viewpoint. The road ended up in not much more than a volcanic area with also old ruins on top. With no people around it was great. But before the sun would set, we quickly made our way back. Still more than an hour to go to be back in Pakse.



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