Been There, Don Det

All the way south of Laos, near the Cambodian border, there are the 4000 islands in the famous Mekong river. Early in the morning we took the boat to Don Det, with a little stop at Nakasong on the mainland to withdraw some money. There are no ATM’s at the 4000 islands, although you can pay by card at most places. They’ll charge you 3% though.

Don Det
After our 24 hour trip from Hue in Vietnam to Don Det, we found ourselves a nice comfortable room and had some breakfast. A nice shower, a little snooze and in the end of the afternoon we rented some bicycles to explore the island and it’s southern brother Don Khon which is accessible through a bridge. It’s so chill, peaceful and beautiful!

The roads were sandy and full of rocks, so it was a real bumpy ride which my hands didn’t like, all stiff again the next morning. Since we wanted to explore even more, we decided to rent a scooter instead. Where you normally can rent scooters on every corner of the street, on Don Det there are only a few places. Like the Chinese shop. Pretty expensive as well (80.000 kip, about 10 euros), but definitely worth it. We were able to see almost everything there is to see in just 1 day.

Don Dets gorgeous sunsets
Just 15 minutes walking to the other side of the island from were we stayed, we saw the most stunning sunset ever!


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