Back to the beach in Sihanoukville

Where to go next after Angkor. We only have about a week, since we’re going to Ho Chi Minh the 22nd for the birthday of a friend of Romain. After two busy cities we decided to go back to the coast, all the way down to Sihanoukville. We took the night bus (Giant Ibis, one of the 2 most reliable bus companies) to Phnom Penh and from there to Sihanoukville.

In need of some sign language for breakfast
We had to wait for 2 hours in Phnom Penh, so we walked around the neighbourhood for a bit. It was almost 6am and the city was waking up. Shops were build up, tables came out and people were getting their breakfast. Good, we can use some breakfast too. We sat down at a busy restaurant with only locals. The girls working there were looking at us like ‘omg, I don’t want to talk to them, I don’t speak English’, so after a couple of minutes I tried to get their attention by smiling kindly. I got a gentle smile back, but no sign of them getting near our table to get our order. When the man that was handling the money walked by, I stopped him and pointed at the Pho our neighbours were having and made the eating gesture with my hands to my mouth. Two please. A few minutes later he came with a big bowl of Pho.. with octopus and shrimps! O dear.. I ran to the cook and tried to tell him ‘no fish’. Pretty hard actually. I remembered the Dutch children song ‘Alle visjes zwemmen in het water’ (All the little fish swim in the water’) and the signs we made with your hands together going from left to right and left to right. Didn’t ring a bell here unfortunately. So I just pointed to all the things that looked like fish in the food stand and said NO. I saw a big piece of meat and nodded my head, pointed towards it and showed a thumbs up. I think they got it now. And yes they did! The pho was delicious.

Back at the beach!
Through Ernie, the guy running Ernies Burgers, we got a cheap scooter deal for 5 dollars a day. Drove to Serendipity Beach and enjoyed the sand between our toes. We took a dive but when we saw some (tiny) jellyfish we thought it would be better to get out. The sunset was cloudy but nice. Good to be back at the beach!

Kbal Chhay Waterfall & more beaches
The next day we took the scooter to a waterfall about 30 minutes out of the city, the Kbal Chhay Waterfall. There was living a whole community down at the waterfall. Women were cooking, children were playing in the water and a lot of people were just chilling in their hammocks. We didn’t stay too long and went back to the beach trying to find a nice place to lunch. We did at Otres Beach. The guy serving us was a bit crazy with his ‘Can I have the curry?’ to which he replied ‘Why not! I keep saying why not, cause.. why not!’ ha-ha, very funny. The curry was good though, but the sun was too hot to handle. We stayed in the shade, enjoying a beer and the rest of the day we went seeing some other beaches around Sihanoukville. It was a perfect day!

The next day it was raining almost all day. Which was a good thing, cause even though we put sunscreen several times, we got burned! The only time we went out was for dinner. We went to the same place as the day before cause it was really great: Nyam. We ordered different dishes and still perfect. I’ll definitely try to make the mango, cashew and chicken back home.

Daytrippin’ to 3 little islands
In Koh Lanta we skipped it, so let’s do it this time. The sky looked way better than yesterday, so we got up early and called the guy that came up to our table the day before. There was still room on the boat. Good! 30 minutes later we got picked up, had some breakfast, waited some more till everyone arrived and got into the boat to go to the first snorkel stop. Once you’ve been to the Great Barrier Reef, this is a bit ‘boring’ maybe but well, I still enjoyed it. There were many many black sea urchins with bright blue/orange ‘parts’. I thought it was their eye, turned out it’s their mouth AND their anus! Pretty bizar.

Before lunch we stopped at a nice beach and all of a sudden it started to pour rain. So instead of hiding under the roof of the boat, we jumped in and warmed ourselves up in the warm ocean. Who needs the sun! 😉

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