Big busy Bangkok

The trip from Krabi to Bangkok took us about 12 hours. Around 8 pm we stopped and had dinner with the rest of the people at a basic restaurant. With only locals. So no real conversation, just some nice smiles and hand gestures to communicate a bit :). When we went to the busses again, we almost got in the wrong one since the woman that was sitting at our table too was waving to come there. Probably we dined at the wrong table, cause that was not our bus 🙂

With a full belly I slept most of the night and woke up just before the bus stopped. I got out, asked if this was our stop and the chauffeur just said: ‘get back in’ in broken English. Turned out that was the stop and we went to the other side of Bangkok to the airport. Luckily with help of the wifi at the airport we could figure out which bus to take. So for just 20 eurocents (and 1,5 hours later) we got to our hostel. The hostel was brand new and probably the best dorm I’ve stayed in. Comfortable wide beds with a little light, a powerplug and thick curtains to have some privacy. And just for 6 euros a night!

Wat Pho
15224626_10154729080300996_1093020835_oI already starred all the things I wanted to see on Google Maps on the bus to Bangkok, so the first stop was Wat Pho. Took the metro and a bus. The bus was pretty cool; like a bus from the ‘80s with fans attached to the ceiling and music blasting out of the speakers 🙂 Good experience for again just about 20 cents or so. Way better than a taxi right?!

Wat Pho is big. You can easily spend a whole day there if you like to read all about the temples and want to visit every Buddha. But honestly, I think I saw enough after 2 hours already. But it is really beautiful! Since the rest of my stars existed mostly of other temples, we postponed them to another day and spent the rest of the day wandering around Bangkok, visited some malls and markets and enjoyed the sweets Thai Pancakes with cherry jam, banana and chocolate 🙂

Remembering/honouring the King
Around Wat Pho people were waiting in line for free food, ice cream and water. All in the remembrance of the King who passed away just a few weeks before. You could see it everywhere in Thailand: black and white ‘curtains’ around every statue/photo of the King, little black …. On peoples clothes, videos of the King in the metro and stations, big signs with photos and texts in the city. Literally everywhere. It is nice to see the King is so appreciated.

Meeting old friends!

Although we weren’t in the mood for visiting more temples, we stayed one extra day just to relax since a friend of mine was coming to Bangkok that day 🙂 We walked to a night market to see if we could get some food there. When we arrived I remembered this was not the kind of market to get food haha. Every 5 meters they were asking us to see pingpong shows, and you know what that means. Welcome to the Patpong Market 😉 We had dinner and some drinks a couple of streets along the road, really nice to see them again!!

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