Beachtime in Krabi

We read about Jane in the reviews, and she certainly was as nice and helpful as described! The owner of the Cube Hostel in Krabi. The beds were like concrete though 😉

Blessed by a monk
Once again, we rented a scooter and went up to the Tiger Temple, about 20 minutes north of town. Two big tigers of stone were welcoming us, as were dragons on the other side. Next to it was a Buddhist temple, maybe even more impressive. We went inside and a monk was asking us to join him. We started to have a conversation about Buddhism. He gave us his blessings by singing a beautiful chant and giving us two little bracelets and a necklace with a little golden Buddha. A very nice experience. When we gave him a little donation, I had to put it in a book and give it with two hands. I noticed that earlier in Asia, they all give (and receive) with two hands. A sign of respect.

Through my updates on Instagram, a friend from beach volleyball said she was in Ao Nang, 20 minutes the other way. So we decided to have dinner there after the visit to the temple. Nice to catch up like that on the other side of the world!Railay Beach
The next morning we went back to Ao Nang to get a longtail boat to Railay Beach. It was a perfect day with just a few clouds. We stayed in the shade, and even then it was almost to warm. Even the water of the ocean! People that know me, know that I’m the worst with getting into cold water. One toe in and I’m back on my towel again. But this is heaven. You can just walk in like it’s a nice luke warm bath. Warmer then most swimming pools! We walked to other beaches and enjoyed the views there. On one beach there is a little ‘princess temple’, what makes me very curious why it’s called that way, since it is filled with wooden dicks haha. Again too bad that there is so much garbage laying around, so I picked up some plastic bottles and other garbage on my way back.

Back in Krabi we had an early dinner at a cute little ‘restaurant’ along the road. A few tiny tables with mats to sit on, it was like joining a kids tea party :). We brought the scooter back and Jane helped us book our bus to Bangkok for the next day.

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