Back to back on Koh Lanta

Totally convinced that I booked a hostel in Kantiang Bay at the south tip of Koh Lanta, I was surprised we stopped at Long Beach, still pretty north. Double checked it, and I was wrong. That happens when you search for hostels almost every day for a year. You mix things up. Or well, I do apparently 😉

Drive through memory lane
Our new home was a bamboo cottage at Sanctuary. 500 baht a night, pretty good deal. A double bed with mosquito net and a little bathroom with a (European) toilet and (cold) shower outside, all you need! The smell was a bit off, but with some incense from a shop nearby we covered that too. Again, we hired a scooter and headed south. Right through the middle of the island toward the other side and further south till the road stops. We had a delicious lunch at Panaroma, with a nice view over the ocean with other little islands. Made a stop at the hammock house where I bought a hammock 6 years ago, and decided to buy another one ;). They still had the tiny hammocks where their cats sleep in, so cute! I didn’t buy that one though, since McWolkje would be scared as hell for sure.

Tiger (bat) cave & Khlong Chak Waterfall

We walked up the pier, were amazed by the amount of little fish the old man caught in just a few seconds and headed back to the other side of the island. Time to visit a waterfall again. From the place where you park your scooter, it’s about a 20-30 minutes walk through the jungle. Not a path you see on a lot of touristic places, but just right through the jungle, climbing rocks and through the little creek. Along the way you can visit some bats in the cave till you eventually reach the Khlong Chak Waterfall. When we arrived, the sun was exactly on the waterfall. Time for some refreshment!

Animal madness

Along the way to the waterfall, we saw a couple of elephants chained up to a tree waiting for the next tourists to enjoy the ride. Although I have no idea how they treat the elephants here, I hate to see those poor animals packed with a wooden saddle, chained to a tree. And then there’s the Monkey School. A place where they teach monkeys to ride a bicycle, play basketball with a chain around their necks and other embarrassing things. I can’t believe tourists go to these places and keep these businesses alive.

Back on the road I recognised the place I stayed 6 years ago and remembered the really nice bar. So we drank a mojito, enjoyed the music and of course the view of the beach. Kantiang Bay, a beautiful one!

Day 2 it rained almost the whole day, so we decided to hang around the cabin a bit. We strolled along the beach in between showers and I mostly spend the day sorting out photos and writing blogs. It’s good to have these days once in a while, cause that takes actually quite a bit of time!

It was also the day that I decided that I should do so exercise again. I downloaded some 30-day challenge apps and tomorrow I’ll start with yoga on the beach!North Koh Lanta and back south
Already in my sports wear, the yoga lady walked by and said I would be the only one so she canceled it. So much for my good intentions! I told her about my 30-day challenge and she promised me that the next day we would do yoga, even I would be the only one. Good!

We took the scooter for another day (we made a deal that we’d take it a second day for 150 baht, about 4,5 euro) and went north. We walked along a mangrove path, but too bad the tide was low. That means a lot of mudd and a lot of garbage.

30-day Challenge accepted

Day 4, our last day on Koh Lanta, started as promised with the yoga session. And I wasn’t the only one, 5 others showed up last minute. It was probably one of the best yoga lessons I’ve had and definitely on the best location ever! And I’m glad it was, since I didn’t really ask for the price beforehand and it was 400(!) baht. Yup, that’s 12 euro. Big business: she made 72 euros that hour. Maybe I should think of doing something like that while traveling ;).

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