A lesson learned

Hello Thailand! The weather gods gave us a warm welcome arriving in Satun, with a 15 minute show of pouring rain. Waiting in line for the passport control, the salesmen already tried to sell us tickets to wherever we wanted to go. We still had no idea, so we followed a guy to see a map and the different options from Satun. Let’s go to Koh Lanta. I’ve been there 6 years ago and I was curious if it has changed much or not. So up to Trang, to get a minivan from there to the island.

He tried to sell us a ticket for 3000 baht, 1500 baht each. Bargain! ūüėČ That’s about 35 euros each for a trip of 4/5 hours. Uh, what are the cheaper options? A new list appeared, and the price dropped from 1500 to 400 baht each (12 euro). Still questionable, but since we didn’t hadn’t had any Thai money, it was raining and he would drive us to the ATM before bringing us to the bus station we thought ‘okay’. Got some money and hopped on the little truck again. Arriving at the bus station he asked us to pay, got us new¬†tickets – we thought we already had them, apparently not – and asked if he could give the change to the taxi driver. “Uhm, no. I think you got your cut there already.” He smiled¬†and¬†brought us to the bus to Trang and left.

When the chauffeur of the minivan saw our tickets, it turned out we got the wrong tickets and¬†he started laughing and talking in Thai to his mate. I guess it was something like: “Hahaha, look at them, fools” Pointing at our luggage: “he let them pay for the luggage as well hahaha. They got ripped of, big time!” Well, we were. Since we had to wait a bit we were curious about the real prices and asked the counter: 120 baht each for the cheapest bus. We were in a minivan though and saw the other people pay about 200 baht. Oh men,¬†I felt really stupid. And even more since I’ve been traveling quite a lot and still I let this happen…¬†So, to bring a little peace to mind I just told myself we were generous tippers for bringing us to the ATM and the bus station while it was raining outside. Oh, and we got new tickets by the way, without any additional costs ;). A lesson learned.dscn8620We arrived in Trang about 6 o’clock and decided to stay there for the night before continuing the trip to Koh Lanta. The chauffeur dropped us at Big C, a shopping mall. We bought some Thai SIM cards so we could find our own way again instead of relying on people that are trying to get a good price for those dumb backpackers ;). We used it straightaway to find a nice hostel, and took a kind of tuktuk to our hostel. It was a good hostel, with good comfortable and spacious beds. We walked to a little night market and I tried some Pad Thai. No, still not my kind of dish. Tired of the long day we got to bed early. Up to Koh Lanta tomorrow!

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