The island.. Langkawi!

After Penang, we were in need of more chillness. We took the ferry to another island of Malaysia, Langkawi and there we found it! Already at arrival nice music was playing in the terminal. Let’s have a coffee and decide where we want to go. Google have us some options, and we found a nice cheap place in a tent at Pantai Tenguh, about 30 mins from Kuah. It appeared that Langkawi doesn’t have a public transportation system, so we took a taxi. 30 RM to get there. I wasn’t thinking much of a tent, but it turned out to be a really nice place! We stayed at a garden where there were about 20 tents in between trees, plants and birds. The tent had a double bed and even electricity!

After some Thai food we went to the beach, only 5 minutes from our cottage on the other side of the street. Gorgeous! Again, too bad that people leave all their rubbish behind, but the beaches are beautiful. It started to rain a bit so we went back, bought some beers (they are getting cheaper and cheaper; 500 ml Chang: 3,20 RM!), played some music and had a nice chill evening in front of our tent in our little garden-paradise.


Watersliding at Seven Wells Waterfall
When the weather is a bit cloudy, what better to do than chasing waterfalls! We rented a scooter and drove up the west coast to the Seven Wells Waterfalls. Up the stairs there were big rocks with a big stream of water coming down. Nice! The water was refreshing, so I was eager to get in. It looked even better down a bit, so we climbed down the rocks and found our private natural water slide! That was cool. After some playing around in the water, we walked up the stairs again and saw some ‘good’ monkeys. At the hotel they had a sign with the difference but good and naughty monkeys 🙂 The good monkeys are black or orange with white circles around their eyes. I love to watch those animals jumping around in the trees or just sitting there eating leaves.
All the way up the stairs we arrived at the top of the waterfall with a nice view over the mountains. There is even a track you can do up there, but in our swimmers and thongs we decided to skip that.

Terjun Temurun Waterfall

Up to the second waterfall: the Terjun Temurun Waterfall. A waterfall with again a nice pool to swim in. A really different one, just as nice! Back south again we went the clouds disappeared and a bit of sun came through. We stopped at Pantai Cenang for a while and headed back to get a shower and freshen up. The weather forecast was positive, so we booked another night and kept the scooter for another day.

Finding coolness at Durian Waterfalls

Sun, there you are! Let’s see where I kept the sunscreen, it’s been a while. And it was needed! The sun was burning fast I could tell. Too bad our roti-place of the day before was closed, but we found another one. Not as good as the first one, but well. Who complains about a roti-dish of only 1 RM! We drove to Kuah to check the ferry to Thailand. Only 1 hour away, 3 times a day, no booking needed. Perfect! Since our train fiasco in Singapore we decided not the prebook anything anymore.

With the sun burning that much, it was really nice to cruise around on the scooter. We went to the Eagle square and drove up north, got some take-away food and had our lunch at the Durian Waterfalls. A very picturesque scenery. Walking up the stairs alongside the waterfall we arrived at a little pool. The sun was exactly on the place where the waterfall hit the water so we went straight in. Refreshing!!
After cooling down at the waterfall we went to a beach in the north, Tanjung Rhu Beach. Just beautiful! Too bad a large part of the beach is just for the big resorts there. Still gives amazing views though 🙂

Gunung Raya

The last touristic stop was at the top of the highest mountain of the island. We weren’t supposed to go there with the scooter, but I sincerely don’t know why. The road is paved, not too windy, perfectly save. I’m glad we did it, because the views were really nice! We read that it’s not often that you have a clear view from up there, so we were lucky!

Stunning sunset at Cenang Beach
Back in Cenang, we bought some drinks and went to the beach to enjoy the sunset. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good one, and this one certainly was a good one!


Tomorrow we’re heading to Thailand, so this was a perfect ending of a perfect day at a perfect island 🙂

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