Cruising through the Cameron Highlands

We thought it would rain badly getting into Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands, but the weather was beautiful when we arrived! So we rented a scooter at our hostel straight away and went south to explore different tea plantations and strawberry, bee and flower farms. We did a quick research on google maps and just followed the stars we put on the map. The views are really gorgeous!! We took a side road and we ended up at Boh Tea Plantation, a small tea factory with a little tea room. After the quick tour through the factory, we walked to the top of the mountain next to have a nice 360 view of the tea plantations. Worth the climb!

Remarkable was that the prices of the strawberries are ridiculously expensive. Not what you expect of a place where they grown them! We went to a strawberry farm where we could pick our own strawberries. Minimum was half a kilo for 40 RM. Instead we just bought some strawberry candies with honey. Yumyum! Back in the city we had some roti, rice with veggies and a carrot juice and went back to our hostel, the Camerionan Inn.

The next day we went north instead of south and visited another Boh Tea Plantation. A much bigger one and more commercial, but the views were really nice. After enjoying our morning tea we drove up to the Mossy Forest. We did the walk through the forest until there were no stairs anymore, but just mud 🙂 We were on our flip-flops, so we headed back. The girl back in the hostel said we didn’t really miss anything since it is more of the same, so we’ll take her word for it. On the scooter again we passed another strawberry farm and enjoyed a nice icecream with fresh strawberries when the owner took my camera and started to shoot photos of us. “Just do like this and like that” and then he took us to the area where they grow the strawberries.  He took the most cheesy photos haha, but it was fun and he was a nice guy. We gave him a big tip on the way out and went back to the hostel just before it started to pour. Cameron Highlands, definitely worth a visit while you’re in Malaysia!

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