Monkey business in Kuala Lumpur

14795807_10154617833270996_355473232_oAfter the adventurous border cross from Singapore to Malaysia, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. It hasn’t changed a bit since I last was
here 3 years ago. The metro system works really well, so that’s how we traveled from one place to the other. First stop, our new home for the next couple of nights: Step Inn Guesthouse near Chinatown and the CBD. Dropped our bags, took a shower and had a beer. After getting settled, we strolled through Chinatown, looking for a new pair of sunglasses since I lost mine jumping into the water off the kano in the Lawn Hill National Park (Australia) when Romain was trying to roe towards a big spider above the water. Anyway, after trying on about 20 pairs, no luck in Chinatown. I just don’t have a head for sunnies!

Monkey spotting at the Batu Caves
About 40 minutes with the metro line we ended up at the Batu Caves. Doesn’t really look appealing walking down to the caves with all the building that is going on there and too bad the big golden statue was being renovated. But getting closer to the big stairs that lead to the caves, there are a lot of monkeys sitting around! Sneaky little bastards they are, watching every movement of your hands trying to snitch all the food they see 🙂

Walking all the way up the stairs, we saw people carrying little buckets of sand. Turned out they are renovating/building stuff in the caves as well and they just ask visitors to help them carrying the buckets upstairs. Smart move. The cave itself was pretty nice, but I was more intrigued by all the little monkeys running around!

Lo Yat Plaza

A few weeks before I left The Netherlands, the screen of my phone broke calling and trying to get onto my bicycle at the same time. Since my provider couldn’t assure me that I would get it back in time before I left, I’m walking around with that phone for already 10 months. The glass was breaking off piece by piece, so finally I was able to fix it for a decent price. Lo Yat mall is a 5-level-mall with only electronics. Some real shops, a lot of fake ones. Comparing different prices of screen repairs, I eventually paid 145 RM for the repair including a decent screen protector for my iPhone 5c. That’s about €30. Still pretty expensive, but much better than the €100/120 I would have paid back in The Netherlands. While waiting I thought I’d better get my hair done in the cheap mall next to it. A nice wash, massage, cut and styling. Just what I needed after a long day walking around in KL. And especially since the last time I cut my hair was about a year ago before I left to Australia!

Petronas Towers by night
At night we decided to go to the Petronas Towers. We arrived there at 22.10 pm to find out that the park closes at 22 pm and the water fountain just stopped. Too bad! Still nice to have seen the Petronas Towers by night!

Sunway Lagoon

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur. What better to do than having fun at the Sunway Lagoon! Tickets were crazy expensive (150RM per person), but luckily Romain found some good discount online so we only paid 80RM each. That’s how to travel cheap 🙂 We spend the day sliding from waterslides, riding other attractions and walking around watching animals in the little zoo they have.

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