Touring through Tassie

It’s already more than 6 weeks ago that I arrived in Tasmania, or Tassie as the locals prefer. No long stories this time, only a short recap. Just being one with nature for a while 😉 But no worries, my camera was always within an arm’s reach; because you know the saying.. ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’!

Traveling around Tassie in a nutshell
Flying in to Hobart is like arriving in the middle of nowhere. You walk out of the airplane straight to the arrival hall where you’re luggage is dropped of. That’s all. My suitcase came quickly and my ride was already waiting. Time for a new adventure. And looking back it certainly was! Driving from free camping to free camping near (and on!) beautiful beaches or in national parks and walking coastal tracks or hiking to the top of mountains to have amazing views with a cold shower as a reward (if there are showers at all). Setting up camp, looking for firewood to keep you warm at night and dance like pademelons -little kangaroos- around the campfire. Using long drop toilets (sometimes less long as you’d wish) and brushing your teeth in the fresh air. Beating Aussies at their own cricket game on the beach, taking refreshing swims and learning new words like ‘budgie smugglers’: yes, also the Aussies have a word for what we call ‘ballenknijpers’! Having an occasional shopping day to buy food and an extra pair of warm pants, cooking and scaring the possums away while eating (they really aren’t scared of anything!). Playing cart games or Candy Crush (I know, bad addiction), reading a book, watching a movie or doing absolutely nothing and watch the stars and relax. That’s about it. I loved it!

Romain, Katie & Dan, thanks for the great time!!





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