Sydney baby!

After 2 month of traveling from place to place it was time for a break. So I booked 9 nights in the YHA in Sydney. Clean, chill music, and a perfect location next to Central Station. It’s good to not have to pack your bag every other day.

Spending the day with an Asian 🙂
Lots to see and do in Sydney, so after a recovering day I wandered around the city. It was a beautiful day, a lot warmer than New Zealand! From Hyde Park to the Botanic Garden and there it was: the Opera House with the Harbour Bridge in the background. After all the pictures I already saw it still was pretty impressive! I spread my sarong to chill for a bit when Binie called, a Korean girl who stayed in the same dorm. If I wanted to join her to go to the Art Gallery. After a quick Google search I decided to go. I must admit that I wasn’t sure if it would be much fun with an Asian girl. With reason though: I met lots of Asians here that never talk, or get up at 4 am and start talking, packing their bags like they’re the only ones in the dorm during day time, making weird noises – burping, farting, spitting, eating noisily: gross! – just a really different culture I guess. But there was Binie. She started off with her story about her stitches above her eye. “I was in fight, 17 guys, they all dead, I just scratch” haha, funny girl. Appeared the slipped on a boat. Like my story that I was bitten by a shark in my shoulder while I just got a surgery because I was stupid enough to fall down trying to snowboard the first time 😉

After the Art Gallery we went to have some lunch and found a really good and cheap Thai restaurant Mr. Bee. A big plate full of delicious food for just 5 dollar! That was when Binie got her selfie stick out of her bag and start taking photos. Not 1, not 10, not 100 but in the end of the afternoon she took over 250 photos of us! Here just a small collection 🙂

Bibie Collage 2

We ended the afternoon at the Irish pub where you got a free pizza with every beer you ordered. Again just 5 dollars, it’s been a good day!

From Bronte to Bondi
The hostel organizes different activities, like a walk along the coastline from Bronte to Bondi Beach. That was my plan anyway, so I joined the group. Really nice! On Bronte Beach it was actually the first time I saw a beach volleyball net, used by 4 guys playing foot volley but still. I should find a place where I can beach again. The beaches here are great for it. Beautiful white sand, without any shells. Perfect! After a quick lunch everybody went back to the hostel so I decided to stay for a bit more and have some ‘t-time’ as Robin, the girl from the hostel called it: tan time!


On Thursday I woke up early and decided to go for a run. Needed after all those evenings drinking. There’s always a reason: someones first night, someones last night, free drinks, meetups with people you met earlier during traveling or people from The Netherlands! That happened on Friday when Gijs messaged me that he was in Sydney 🙂 We went to have dinner at Darling Harbour. Wauw, a really nice place! He was still in Sydney the next day and he even had a day off. So Manly Beach it was. About 30 minutes with the ferry to the north of Sydney. At Shelley Beach I tried out some snorkeling, but just as in Whitianga (New Zealand) the water was kind of cloudy/muddy unfortunately.


Gijs had to catch his flight so after our goodbyes I went back to the hostel to get a quick shower before having drinks with Stephanie, the girl I met at the Great Ocean Road. After sunset cocktails at the Opera Bar (I was glad I put on a nice dress, fancy place where everybody dresses up!) and a drink at a rooftop bar we went to another rooftop party of friends of her. All Brazilians so I could practice my Portuguese again, always good! We decided that night that we would go to the Wedding Cake Rock the day after in the Royal National Park about an hour south of Sydney. Unfortunately Stephanie couldn’t make it last minute due to work, but luckily Joris and Salam were still up for it.

Guys, don’t leave me!
What an adventure. Walked all the way to the Wedding Cake Rock to find out that you aren’t supposed to get behind a fence… At least 20 people already climbed over (they already made a little stair of all the construction material that was laying there), so we did too. Just when it was our turn to sit on the spot and make a photo guards shouted “Get out there!” One more photo.. I didn’t really pay attention, I was confused about what was happening. I saw Joris climbing over the fence and the guard running to guide all the people to the ‘stairs’. Shit, they were writing down names! I grabbed my bag and Salam was gone too. “Guys! Don’t leave me!” Stressful seconds I can tell you! Luckily they came back for me. Salam took my bag and Joris helped me to get over the fence, that was way too high to get over on my own. Saved by the bell! Oh my god, my legs were still shaking 15 minutes later haha. I learned my lesson, I won’t go climbing any fences anymore. But look at that, it’s worth it isn’t it!!

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