The Great Ocean Road

18-01: The Great Ocean Road is awesome! I am on a 3-day tour with a group of 16 people representing at least 8 (European) countries and a great tour guide named Rob-O πŸ™‚ as all the guys were named Steve-O, Dave-O and so on. We’re on our way to the second base camp while writing this. Through the mountains of the Grampians National Park, magnificent views over here. It’s about 35 degrees out I guess, luckily we’ve got some air conditioning in the bus.

For the story, keep reading! For the video: just check it out here:

Torquay, Cape Otway
Yesterday we started our road trip in Torquay, where the most famous surf competition in the world is held every year. Too bad the waves didn’t show it selves, still impressive though. Massive rocks surrounding the beach. Torquay is the home of Quicksilver and Ripcurl, well-known amongst all my friends! We went back on the road to see the coastal towns Apolla Bay and Lorne. Beautiful scenery looking towards the sea with the rocks and trees , but I didn’t really like the beach itself and the ‘boulevard’-side honestly. But then there was Cape Otway, WAUW! After lunch we walked down the lighthouse and enjoyed the stunning views of the coastline. David and I went all the way down to see it even better, so impressive! A little bit further along the way we stopped to spot some koalas and we did! Sleeping there not minding us at all. Rob-O told us all about there way of living, why they sleep so much – about 20 hours a day – and have no energy to do anything else because they only eat leaves. It’s all about nutrition!

After a nice short walk through the rain forest, of course we couldn’t skip to see the 12 apostles. It was a bit foggy, but still really beautiful out there! I made a little 360-movie that says it all πŸ™‚ – included in the video above – Just before sunset we arrived in Port Campbell where we stayed at a nice hostel. We ordered pizzas, bought some beers and wines and had dinner at the beachside with the sunset in front of us.

Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge & Warrnambool
This morning we drove to Loch Ard Gorge and the London Bridge. I think I liked almost better than the 12 apostles! Too bad you couldn’t get really close to the cliff, but WAUW! All those different light colored limestone rocks in the sea, really really beautiful!

We continued our road trip to Warrnambool, Tower Hill. All the way up, so my ears didn’t work with me again. We walked to the lookout and I started to get really dizzy, almost falling over.. And 2 minutes later the other girls were standing on the rocks behind the fences and I was like ‘o please let them not fall over too!’ Luckily they didn’t πŸ™‚

When we arrived in Warrnambool, a dormant volcano, we were greeted by a couple of emus. We had a nice walk and saw some koalas sleeping high up in the trees. Driving to the Grampians, we’ve just spotted our first kangaroos hopping aside the road! Later on there was a group of 10-15 hopping around (or actually running away because we came closer haha), funny animals :). And that’s where we are now, almost at our second base for tonight!

The Grampians & MacKenzie Waterfalls
The place we stayed the second night was the best! It reminded me of the Pantanal in Brazil. A couple of wooden houses with only nature surrounding us for the next 10k or something. Stephanie, a girl from the UK, and I walked for an hour in the area together with the three dogs of Steven, the owner of the lodges. We called them Dusty, Mam and Trouble. Our private guardian angles (just like the dog when Mary Anne and I went horse riding in Dubai!). They protected us alright, scaring all the kangaroos away before we could take a good look at them haha. But it was really nice. After dinner we played some pool, watched the stars and went to sleep.

This morning we went to the Mackenzie Falls. Rob-O dropped us of at the beginning of a 4k trail towards the waterfall. Again, memories of Brasil came back to me. A beautiful green scenery, with a little stream next to the trail. David even spotted a walibi watching us like ‘ey, what are you doing here so early!’ After completing the trail and going all the way up to the bus everybody was tired and slept in the bus way home. Back to Melbourne. I know now, it’s called the Great Ocean Road for a reason: it was GREAT!!


I’m already in New Zealand at this moment, can’t keep up with the blogging (especially the videos!!) with all the beautiful things I see every day!! So, be patience, it will all be on here someday πŸ˜‰

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