Dubai in 4 days

Dubai, what a city! When you arrive you can see all the high buildings already in the plane. Even better in the metro towards Internet City where my friend lives. Gigantic in height, but small in width with the Burj Khalifa as the best example with a height of 828m. In the metro I was surprised why all the people would stand in the area where you have to get in and out. Hmm wait, they’re all men. And why am I surrounded only by women?! I started to laugh when I saw the sign: “100 AED fine for men in this cabin.” Oh, that’s why! I felt bad for all the men standing there behind the pink line… Mary Anne later explained that women are seen as delicate flowers and have to be protected. Well, okay! Didn’t really noticed that on my way down to the beach when 2 men asked me to get my number and wanted to take my picture! 😉

I didn’t really know what to expect of Dubai, but it surely surprised me with 2 absolute top moments: watching the beautiful sunset on Umm Sequim Beach with the Burj Al Arab and horse riding with Mary Anne in the dessert of Dubai!

Enjoy watching Paulien Travels Around part 3! I added some photos too, didn’t get it to work to add them in the movie….. next time!

Some photos


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