5 more weeks to go..

About a month ago I made a decision: I quit my job, sublet my apartment, ready to see the world! Australia that is. After arranging my Working Holiday Visa, I told my boss and the same week I booked my flights. While booking, I realized that I could do whatever I want. No deadlines! So I called my sister in Romenia and my friend in Dubai and the first plans were made. The day after Christmas I’ll fly to Bucharest to stay with my sister and her family, and the 5th of January I’m heading to Mary Anne in Dubai!

Although I’m not much of a planner, I have to arrange some stuff of course. Checking things like health insurance, credit card limits and getting an international driving license, but also getting my backpack and my favorite green shorts fixed :).  5 more weeks to go.. Can’t wait to arrive in Melbourne the 11th of January!

Travel journal
Preparing all this stuff I remembered my first big trip, already 8 years ago: Brazil. After that I traveled some more and during almost all of my trips I kept a journal (in writing or on different websites). This weekend I read all my journals and it brought back so many great memories! That’s why I decided to collect all those stories and put them on this website. And of course, I’ll be posting all about my next trip as well!


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