Exploring Ho Chi Minh

I slept like a baby. I woke up with all new people, almost all from Australia. The 2 girls went to the waterpark for the day, Brendan went trying out his new camera exploring the city. Excellent idea! I asked if I could join him, I also got a new camera for this trip: a Nikon Coolpix. A small camera, but with 30x optical zoom. Time to see how it works!

We walked around the whole day. Oh my god, those roads are so busy! Luckily Brendan showed me how to cross the streets. ‘Just go and don’t stop! If you do that, everything will be okay.’ Scooters and cars everywhere and no crossroads to be found. I took his arm, and there we go. And it turned out to be the truth. As long as you walk in the same pace, all the people will adapt to that. It’s when you stop, accidents are likely to occur because they suddenly have to hit the brakes or something and all the traffic will be off balance. A lesson worth learning!

After a couple of hours walking, all of a sudden my ears popped and I got very dizzy. Time to go home. We took a cap, I slept some more and after waking up I looked at the result of the first day shooting pictures with my new camera. Great pics, if I may say so myself!

Pictures through my Facebook page!

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