You’re never alone traveling!

Vietnam, what a great country! During my flight I sat next to a French guy after I switched places with a man so he could sit next to his little girl. The guy already smelled like alcohol and he just ordered some more. Why not. Our conversation didn’t go very smooth, his English wasn’t that good. But it turned out we were heading to the same neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh, so we shared a cap. Upon arrival at about 21.30h I was glad I booked my hostel already in The Netherlands, because it was fully booked. The French guy went searching for another place to sleep and came back to have (another) drink.

After the first drink I saw all the people having fun and there I was, sitting with this French guy that couldn’t even speak English properly.. Life is too short, so I stood up and said ‘Come! We’re going to meet some new people!’ I think he didn’t hear me, because he stayed sitting down. I didn’t noticed at first, I was already introducing myself to a group of young backpackers at the bar. English, Australian, German, American, Dutch.. lots of countries represented already. At 22.30h the pub crawl started, so maybe it was a good idea to eat something first. I didn’t eat anything since the flight. So we did, my first Pho. Nice and spicy! Good that I did, because we ended up in a place with free cocktails for the ladies.

Pictures through my Facebook page!

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